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Occupational Safety and Hygiene Division

1. Identification, assessment, and control of work environment or task hazards;
2. Management of machinery, equipment, or tools;
3. Categorizing, labelling, communication, and management of hazardous chemicals;
4. Planning and monitoring of sampling method for hazardous work environment;
5. Assessment of the process or construction safety of dangerous work sites;
6. Management of procurement, contractor and change control;
7. Operation standards for safety and health;
8. Periodic inspections, target inspections, job checks, and on-site inspection tours;
9. Management of personal protective equipment;
10. Examination, management, and facilitation of health;
11. Compiling, sharing, and application of safety and health information;
12. Emergency response and preparedness;
13. Investigation and settlement and statistical analysis of occupational accidents, near-misses, events that affect the physical and mental health;
14. Record of safety and health management and measures for performance assessment;
15. Other safety and health management measures.

Prof. Bing Hung CHEN (Associate Director)
Extension: 62695
e-mail: bkchen@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Mr. Wei Ting Chang
Extension: 51133
e-mail: z10812019@email.ncku.edu.tw