NCKU, Center for Environmental Protection, Safety and Health

NCKU, Center for Environmental Protection, Safety and Health
Category List

Occupational Safety and Hygiene Division

1. Identification, assessment, and control of work environment or task hazards;
2. Management of machinery, equipment, or tools;
3. Categorizing, labelling, communication, and management of hazardous chemicals;
4. Planning and monitoring of sampling method for hazardous work environment;
5. Assessment of the process or construction safety of dangerous work sites;
6. Management of procurement, contractor and change control;
7. Operation standards for safety and health;
8. Periodic inspections, target inspections, job checks, and on-site inspection tours;
9. Management of personal protective equipment;
10. Examination, management, and facilitation of health;
11. Compiling, sharing, and application of safety and health information;
12. Emergency response and preparedness;
13. Investigation and settlement and statistical analysis of occupational accidents, near-misses, events that affect the physical and mental health;
14. Record of safety and health management and measures for performance assessment;
15. Other safety and health management measures.

Prof. Jeng-Shiung Jan (Associate Director)
Extension: 62660

Mr. Chao-Min Wang
Extension: 51133